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Peaceful dissolution was created by family law attorney and mediator, Kelly C. Snider.  This divorce mediation program was designed to aid couples and families through the divorce process in a more cost effective and time efficient manner, while allowing couples to maintain control and protect their families.

With the dual role of being a family law attorney and mediator, Kelly takes divorcing couples through the entire divorce process, A-Z.  After assisting couples in the mediation process, and helping them come to a settlement agreement, Kelly then prepares and files all the court documents necessary to finalize the divorce.  As a result of this, the couples never need to step into a court room.

Kelly created Peaceful Dissolution to serve as an economical way for divorcing individuals to reach a satisfactory settlement agreement and divorce while avoiding the unnecessary expenses and time delays of litigation.  This serves as a great benefit to further protect individuals and families.  Additionally, it allows the couple to maintain control of the divorce process as they are responsible to come to a  final agreement, mutually agreed upon and signed by both parties.  This not only benefits the couple, but children as well because it ensures that children will be given a less hostile and more stable environment much sooner.  Thus, with Peaceful Dissolution, parties will be able to reach the same result as a traditional divorce, while maintaining control, in a shorter period of time, for a fraction of the cost!

Furthermore, through Peaceful Dissolution’s innovative mediation process, divorcing couples with children receive the added benefit of learning how to redefine their relationship as parents who are no longer married to one another.  The couples are taught how to effectively co-parent as they make this new transition in their lives.

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"In my opinion, there is no comparison between mediation and traditional divorce. I have seen the process and end results of both, and I will forever be an advocate of mediation."
Kelly C. Snider