What is divorce mediation?  Why should I mediate my divorce?

Mediation is a form of negotiation that is focused on resolving conflict between two parties with the assistance of a third-party neutral.  [more…]

Problems of a traditional divorce and how a divorce mediator can help

While litigation is the most traditional and well-known way to get a divorce in our society, involving divorce lawyers and the court system has a great deal of pitfalls, all of which can be avoided by pursuing the alternative: a mediated divorce.  [more…]

Position vs. interest: why mediation works!

A mediator serves as a third-party neutral, assisting parties in their negotiations as they try to resolve their conflicts.  A large part of the divorce mediator’s job is to discern between each parties’ position and their interest.  This is done by looking past each of the parties’ positions and instead focusing on the reason behind each parties’ initial stance.  [more…]

Mediation is ordered by the court

Mediation is now mandated in each divorce case if there is any contested issue in the case.  Thus, this mandated mediation is ordered by a judge in the vast majority of cases since most cases have at least one contested issue between the parties.  [more…]

Will my divorce mediation agreement enforceable in court?

Every mediation agreement that is signed by both parties and notarized becomes a legally binding document that will be upheld in the court system.  This is due to the fact that the mediation agreement is viewed as a legal contract between the parties.  [more…]

OCAP: Online Court Assistance Program

Using Utah’s Online Court Assistance Program may be cheaper up front, but the cost of your divorce in the long run may be higher than it needs to be due to disputes after the divorce is finalized.  Most divorces aren’t straightforward enough to fit into the narrow mold that OCAP imposes. [ more… ]

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